Festival of Cultures is becoming a highlight of the year for Calderdale College

This was the college's third Festival of Cultures event
This was the college's third Festival of Cultures event

Calderdale College was very proud to hold their third Festival of Cultures which celebrated the diverse student body and community.

The event shares the values of the college and encourages students to have a mutual respect for each other and accept different faiths and beliefs.

Shona Lavender, EDI Coordinator and organiser of the event, said: “The atmosphere was buzzing with students, staff and members of the community all joining in together and having fun! I was so excited and proud to be a part of this.”

Student Arron Maynew-Gunn said: “This festival is so interesting and the atmosphere is just great. I come every year but it’s certainly new each time!”

The attendees experienced a variety of cultural activities, from performances to crafts and games as well as try some delicious cultural cuisine.

Bailey Casson, a student at Calderdale College, said:The blending of many different cultures has provided a great experience for the college community and has been incredible to experience.”