Fight against underfunding 'crisis' in Calderdale's schools

Halifax MP Holly Lynch and the Calderdale Against School Cuts action group
Halifax MP Holly Lynch and the Calderdale Against School Cuts action group

Campaigners are warning of a ‘crisis’ of underfunding in Calderdale schools.

Halifax MP Holly Lynch is working with the Calderdale Against School Cuts action group to urge the Government to address the ‘crisis’ of underfunding in the borough’s schools.

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A petition with more than 1,500 signatures calls on the Government “to fund all schools fully and properly as a matter of urgency and necessity”. It was presented in the House of Commons by Ms Lynch this week.

“This petition shows the strength of feeling on this issue from local people who share concerns that the Government is starving our schools and sixth forms of cash,” said Ms Lynch (Labour).

“Every child is entitled to a world class education however years of austerity mean that while costs to schools are increasing, Government funding is not keeping up and cuts are now starting to impact on the quality of education our young people are receiving, despite the hard work and dedication of school staff.

“Thanks to this campaign, the Government are being held to account for the way their policies are impacting Calderdale’s schools and their pupils. We can only hope that Ministers step up and finally deliver a fair deal.”

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The Calderdale Against School Cuts campaign was formed to highlight the impact of Government spending cuts on local education. The campaign group consists of current and retired teachers and headteachers and activists.

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Sue McMahon, from the Calderdale Against School Cuts campaign, said: “Ministers need to understand the reality on the ground where rising costs simply outstrip the money coming in.

“With an increase in pupil numbers, subjects axed from the curriculum, losses of staff as leavers are not being replaced and support for the most vulnerable diminishing, schools have nothing left to cut other than staff or reducing the school week.

“The underfunding of our schools is a crisis that the Government needs to address now, before it’s too late.”