Health fair helps pupils

Sixth form students at Crossley Heath School have organised the school’s annual health fair to raise awareness of important health issues to younger pupils attending the school.

Organised by year 12 students, the health fair talks were given to year nine students to inform them about issues from smoking to mental health.

The health fair has become an annual event at Crossley Heath School and encourages sixth form students to work as a team to liaise with health organisations and arrange talks in the school hall.

Each of organisers of the health fair were given a set of duties from arranging guest speakers to making t-shirts and decorating the school hall.

One of the year 12s who helped organise this year’s health fair, Christina Earley, 17, said: “It’s about raising awareness to year nines about issues like smoking, drugs and alcohol - other students are welcome, but it’s primariliy for the year nines.”

The aim of the fair was to get young people to talk frankly and openly about issues surrounding mental, sexual and emotional health by introducing students to organisations the can provide advice and support.

The health fair proved popular with students who appreciated experts who weren’t part of the school being on hand to offer support and answer questions.

Christina said: “We did interviews with the year nines after the health fair and we received some really positive feedback.”

The health fair will return next year, but will be run by a new set of year 12s.

Christina said that the current organisers will offer assistance by providing contacts for health organisations involved and by telling them what worked and how they could have done things better.