I’ll blow your head off with machine gun

A PUPIL at a Halifax secondary school threatened to blow off a teacher’s head with an AK47 machine gun.

The boy mimed pointing a weapon at the shocked woman teacher.

It was one of 27 violent or aggressive acts against staff, recorded as part of health and safety monitoring.

In other schools teachers and children were punched, head butted, scratched, kicked and bitten mainly by primary children.

Teaching union spokesman Ashton Thripland said the list showed the difficulties staff had to cope with in some classrooms.

He said the National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers took incidents seriously.

“There are no easy solutions and teachers are not social workers but every child matters and systems must be put in place to try to ensure they are fully reported and investigated,” he said.

The latest list of incidents stretching back to summer 2010 will be discussed by Calderdale Council’s employees’ forum tomorrow.

“Such acts towards staff can lead to time off, litigation and in the worst case prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive,” according to the council’s head of human resources, John Walsh.

“The costs can be significant.

“If there is a significant increase, the appropriate human, financial and other resources can be put in place,” he said.

In one school, a child bent and threatened to break a teacher’s finger. There were also incidents in children’s homes, community centres and council offices.

One involved a child “placing his teeth into the victim’s head” and an adult threatening to kill a child’s foster parents.

Also on record is a complaint about an anonymous racist text message.

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