Increase in pupils at 1st choice schools

The percentage of pupils receiving their first choice secondary school in Calderdale has increased from last year.

1,828 of the 2,094 (87.3 per cent) 11-year-olds applying for secondary school places received their first choice up from 83.7 per cent last year.

The total number of applicants was down from 2,192 in 2012 to 2,094 this year.

7.1 per cent of pupils (148) had to settle for their second choice school down from 8.5 per cent (187) the previous year.

Just 86 (4.1 per cent) were left with their third preference down from 130 (5.9 per cent) pupils last year.

The figures do not include 72 pupils who were registered with special educational needs and 91 pupils who submitted their applications late while four pupils failed to apply at all.