‘Keeping children safe’ review

Experts are to be brought in to see whether the council is really improving the way it safeguards children from abuse and neglect.

In January last year, Ofsted inspectors judged services for children in council care to be adequate but described safeguarding services as inadequate.

They issued the council with an improvement notice affecting 20 separate areas of work.

All the indications are that Calderdale Council’s safeguarding procedures are now up to standard. But to make sure a “Peer Review” will take place next month, councillors have been informed.

“This will provide us with an external perspective on our improvements and help determine our readiness for an Ofsted reinspection towards the end of the year,” according to children and young people’s services director Janet Donaldson.

She told councillors: “The Department for Education will see the review as an important milestone.

“But we will need to undergo a reinspection before we can be considered to come out of intervention.”