Little stars win awards of achievement

Exceptional students from Calderdale primary schools were recognised for their outstanding attributes in the Percival Whitely Primary School Awards 2014.

Halifax’s Savile Park Primary School pupil Armaan Jahanghir has shown strength and determination in school. Armaan has a school statement of special educational needs due to his spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

Primary School Awards at Carr Green School, Rastrick. George Kelly aged ten and Libby Carstairs aged eleven.

Primary School Awards at Carr Green School, Rastrick. George Kelly aged ten and Libby Carstairs aged eleven.

At 3-years-old, Armaan’s leg muscles would no longer support him and he had to use a wheelchair for the first time.

Headteacher Karen Lomas said Armaan has never given up or relied on others.

“This young man has determination running through his veins like an accomplished athlete,” said Ms Lomas.

Two outstanding individuals were recognised at Carr Green School, Rastrick.

George Kelly has limited mobility and struggles with breathing as a result of his cerebral palsy but that hasn’t stopped his determination to fulfil his musical passion despite his illness.

Headteacher Lesley Bowyer said George’s dedication to undertake school trumpet lessons is nothing short of remarkable.

George is a member of the school’s Trumpet Club as well as a member of Elland Silver Training Band.

Ms Bowyer said: “George has made us all so very proud – we have never encountered determination quite like it.”

Libby Carstairs was born with a congenital heart defect which has brought many challenges to her young years, so far. In 2010, she underwent major heart surgery which was, sadly, unsuccessful and resulted in her spending six months in intensive care and having to learn to walk again.

Carr Green’s Mr Mashinter said: “Libby is an inspiration to the school and whole community – she never complains and always has a smile on her face. She truly is a remarkable young lady.”

Elland’s St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School’s Demi Bland was recognised for her positivity and determination to succeed despite tragic unforeseen circumstances.

A healthy, happy little girl, Demi was taken ill at the end of 2012 with what was thought a throat infection. But the life threatening illness left her with Dystonia - a permanent movement disorder which has left her wheelchair bound. Headteacher Linda Brown said: “‘Many an adult would be completely daunted by the changes Demi has had to face but, in spite of all that Demi has gone through, her attitude is positive and she always tries her best. I am delighted to see that her sense of humour is developing again and her feisty spirit is revealing itself once more!”

The overall winner was Kian Murphy, 11, of Christ Church, Mount Pellon, Halifax, who has been a role model to pupils.
He was featured in the Courier last week. Rastrick’s Highbury Primary School’s Nathaniel McLachlan and pupil Jamie Stead will also receive their awards later for exemplary attitudes.