More choice for kids in north Halifax?

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Parents are delighted after plans were announced for a new secondary school in north Halifax.

Currently there is only one non-selective secondary school in the area, but Whitehill Community Learning Trust will submit plans for a free school later this month.

“Our hope is that parents will be able to opt for a school which meets their child’s needs,” said Roy Hepplestone, who is the headteacher at Whitehill Community Academy.

“A lot of parents have said to us that they’d like their child to stay in a more pastoral environment when they leave primary school. It would be really exciting for parents in north Halifax to have a choice.”

If the plans are approved, the school would open in 2017. It would take 120 Year 7 pupils in the first year and every year after that until they reach 600 pupils in 2021.

Initial reaction on the school’s social media page has been overwhelingly positive.

Although the Trust have not yet announced where the school would be based, they have said they will consider using a brownfield site.

The Trust will submit the plans to the Department of Education on October 7