Now from Miss Rusty, a book about that book

Leonora Rustamova
Leonora Rustamova

TEACHER Leonora Rustamova has told the full explosive story of the controversial book that destroyed her career.

The former Calder High School teacher was sacked for naming pupils in a racy novel Stop! Don’t Read This.

It had references to sex, drugs and truancy and was meant as an in-house project.

But it was mistakenly posted on a website and she was suspended in January 2009 and later sacked following the furore the book created.

Yet her supporters and other teaching staff praised her efforts at trying to engage unruly pupils with the project.

Hundreds of pupils demononstrated at the Mytholmroyd school in support of the teacher known as “Miss Rusty.”

Hebden Bridge publisher Bluemoose Books has now published Stop! Don’t Read This: The Story, together with a description of the trouble it caused.

The school and staff are anonymous but the five pupils, Greg, Christie, Travis, Billy and Martin are named. They were keen to see the book published and will receive a share of the profits.

Ms Rustamova said she wanted to tell the history of the book and how the project was aimed at improving relationships with wayward pupils.

“And there are general ramblings about my philosophy of teaching,” she told the Courier.

“When I was first suspended I felt terrible and I had to go through what I did for one technical mistake. It was over-punishment.”

The book has already generated national and international interest

“The book was a good project. I was trying to encourage five boys,” she said.

The paperback book is published on July 13 at £6.99s.

On Saturday, July 16, from noon to 2 pm, Ms Rustamova will be signing copies at the Hebden Bridge Bookshop.