Outstanding Ofsted result for staff and pupils at Highbury School

Staff and pupils celebrate their latest Outstanding from Ofsted
Staff and pupils celebrate their latest Outstanding from Ofsted

There’s plenty to celebrate at Highbury School as it has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted after a recent inspection.

The Rastrick school, which provides specialist education for children with a wide range of complex special educational needs and disabilities, was inspected last month.

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The report detailed the school’s ‘highly effective teaching’ and ‘dynamic leadership’ as well as strong relationships between teachers and pupils.

The students were highly praised by inspectors, who said: “Pupils’ behaviour in classes and around school is impeccable. Pupils are polite and respectful to staff, visitors and each other.

"They display deeply caring attitudes for those who support them every day.”

The report also highlighted the effectiveness of the school’s curriculum.

Inspectors feel that further improvement could be made by continuing to develop attendance initiatives to increase attendance, particularly relating to those that take holidays in term time.

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Head teacher Debbie Sweet said: “This is further recognition of how far the school has come in its provision for children with special educational needs, as the school has also been designated as a National Support School this year and the Headteacher is a National Leader in Education.

“Whilst we are of course thrilled with this result and the recognition of all the hard work of staff and governors, this result was never about Ofsted, it was always about the children and providing the standards of education they are entitled to and deserve.

“The report is excellent and the rigour we were subjected to throughout the inspection was welcomed as it allowed us to showcase the practice we have in the school from the curriculum we developed, which was described as stunning, to the outcomes and progress of the children, which are outstanding. The report captures all of this in great detail.”

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