Pride in Elland: Year 9 pupils at Brooksbank School in Elland talk about teenage life in Elland

Pupils in year 9 have been having their say on what they like about their town.

So far, students in the sixth form and pupils in years 10 and 11 have had their say on the big issues currently facing the town – and what they think makes it special.

The bonfire, which was held over the weekend, the swimming pool and the Rex cinema have all been hot topics in the eyes of pupils at the school this week, when six pupils from year 9 gave us their views.

Thirteen-year-old Ben Bean from Greetland said he thought the town centre needed a bit of work doing to make it sparkle.

“It needs sprucing up a bit ,” he said. “It could do with a lick of paint because at the moment it doesn’t get the attention it merits.”

Teri-Ann Watson, 13, now of Dewsbury but was of Holywell Green, said the town was missing activities for young people to do.

“My favourite things in Elland are the Rex cinema and the swimming pool,” she said.

“But I think it definitely needs a bigger park and some activities for all the ages.”

Imogen Foulds, 13 of Greetland, agrees with her school mate.

“The Rex and the swimming pool are my favourite things –although the pool isn’t really big enough,” she said.

“It needs to be bigger. It would be good if it had a slide as well.”

Holywell Green resident Jordan Thompson, 13, is one of many pupils at the school who learned to swim in the town’s pool.

“I learned to swim at Elland baths so I think that’s quite special, not just to me but to the whole town,” he said.

He agreed that more could be done to improve the town’s image, adding: “I’d like to see the town cleaned up a bit more.”

Keen netball player Imogen Allison, 13, of Elland, said the sports facilities attracted lots of people to the area.

“I play for the Yorkshire Terriers and we play here at Brooksbank and the sports facilities are really good,” Imogen said.

“I also think the Morrisons proposal is a good idea because the Co-op isn’t really big enough.

“Hopefully it will bring more people in o the town too,” she added.

Ellie Breslin, 13, who lives in Halifax, said the town was missing some clothes shops.

“I’d like more clothes shops because you have to go elsewhere to do that, which is annoying sometimes,” she said.

Ellie added: “I went to the Rex on a school trip and really like it. It’s popular despite being quite small.”

Next week, pupils in year 8 have their say on the town.