School defends uniform policy after row over children’s footwear

Ryburn Valley High School
Ryburn Valley High School

A school has defended its uniform policy after a row developed between Ryburn Valley High School and a group of angry parents over their children’s footwear.

The school has told parents that pupils must conform to their school uniform policy of wearing smart shoes.

Ryburn Valley High School's headteacher David Lord.

Ryburn Valley High School's headteacher David Lord.

But some parents of year seven pupils have reacted angrily to the demands, insisting the shoes their children have worn until now are suitable.

One parent of an 11-year-old boy at the school, who did not want to be named, said: “We’re new to the school. We received a leaflet at the open evening with some grainy pictures of shoes that are and aren’t allowed, so we bought some really high quality shoes, only to be told they need to be replaced.

“It’s ridiculous. They’re trying to get our children to wear slippery shoes like loafers and brogues while encouraging them to walk to school through fields and what have you.

“My son’s shoes are just ordinary black shoes with a bit of reinforcement, but the school has said it looks like a trainer.

“We’ve been told they will be expelled if we don’t buy them some new ones.

“Well me and plenty of other parents won’t do it. We don’t want our kids wearing cheap and nasty shoes.

“There’s nothing in the school policy about it.”

Headteacher at Ryburn Valley High School, David Lord, said: “Every year a new fad comes in to test the interpretation of the school uniform policy.

“Last year too many students were wearing trainer/pump style shoes which had a detrimental effect on our uniform as a whole.

“Parents were made aware many times, starting with the newsletter at the end 2017 that we would be tightening up our footwear policy.

“This would give them ample time to buy the correct shoes. Despite this we are working to resolve a handful of issues with parent/carers.

“We are extremely proud of our students as they have made an exceptional start to the year and they do look a lot smarter in more formal shoes.”