School life: Autumn visit for Primary pupils and students enjoy learning to sign

Primary pupils enjoyed learning about autumn
Primary pupils enjoyed learning about autumn

Our primary pupils have enjoyed a taste of autumn after a trip to The Outback, a local community garden project.

The large garden is packed with herbs, fruit and vegetables and there are lots of interesting areas for the children to explore and learn about the natural environment.

The pupils learnt about the changing seasons and gathered autumn fruits, which they used to make a delicious apple and raspberry crumble.

We warmly welcome visits from prospective parents to our fantastic new, purpose built Primary building, which provides an excellent learning environment.

Our Primary Open Day will take place on Thursday 17 November, with talks from Headteacher Mrs Lesley Bowyer taking place at 9am, 10.30am and 1pm. For further details, call 01422 430480.

Twelve students have begun a six week sign language course at the academy.

Delivered by Sharon Kershaw, Deaf Instructor and Saiqa Kauser, Educational Interpreter at Calderdale Council, the course not only teaches students British Sign Language, but broadens their awareness of deaf culture.

Covering a variety of topics, such eating out, going shopping and visiting the doctor, the course enables students to improve their communication with hearing impaired friends and with the wider deaf community.

The course has proved extremely popular with many more students keen to get involved, so much so, that there is currently a waiting list.