School life: Bohemians rock Brooksbank at We Will Rock You

Students rocked at We Will Rock You
Students rocked at We Will Rock You

Musicians and performers from Brooksbank rocked their hearts out through some of the greatest rock songs ever written, when they staged the hit musical “We Will Rock You”.

The electric mix of talented musicians and gutsy performers proved an explosive cocktail, or rock-tale, spiked with fun! It thrilled an initial primary school audience and rocked two evening audiences, who tapped and clapped through hit after hit and rewarded the performers with a standing ovation.

The curtain opened on a dystopian world in the future ruled by the mighty Global Soft, an evil multi-national corporation. At Global’s helm is Killer Queen. Played by a phenomenal Emmy Dyson, a mesmeric power diva with a super-sultry voice - she was dynamite with a laser beam! Khashoggi is her number one henchman. Played by a superior Toby Rogan, this smart-suited tycoon had a few fashion tricks up his sleeve - he shuns Armani and gets his suits from M&S! Together, they are bent on controlling the minds of young people by feeding them mind-numbing, sterile pop music.

However, there is hope for the cause of rock music. Two rock freedom fighters, Galileo and Scaramouche, meet and discover they’re dreaming the same dreams. When they bump into a renegade group of resistance fighters (the Bohemians), they join forces and vow to rediscover the legendary sounds and instruments of the past.

Front of stage the pro-sounding band of students and staff riffed their way through a juke box of twenty-four Queen classics - from “Radio Ga Ga” to “Bohemian Rhapsody” - without a single backing track in sight. Oscar Shackleton starred on lead guitar wringing out plenty of May-esque licks and flicks, while percussion ace, Theo Fieldhouse, worked an explosive, driving beat.

All the principal actors played their parts with enthusiasm, conviction and humour. Oliver Chapman’s masterful grip on Galileo’s funny, tongue-twisting lines brought joy and laughter to the whole show. “Why do fools fall in love? Do you think I’m sexy? Who let the dogs out?!” he blurted out, helplessly! Galileo was a coiled spring waiting to burst – and he did, in “I Want To Break Free”!

Feisty Erin Fairhurst shone as Scaramouche, the truculent “I make my own fashion statements” loner. Her spine-tingling performance of “Somebody To Love” was fearless and strongly reminiscent of Florence Welsh from Florence + The Machine.

Lauren Hambleton, played Meat (Loaf) in 80s black denim, a punked-up Joe Jamookeeah played Britney (Spears) and a stage full of Bohemians rocked the hall with “I Want it All”.

Yet there were contrasting moments of sadness and loss, beginning with Lauren’s sweet and moving rendition of “No-one But You (Only The Good Die Young)”. “Who Wants To Live Forever” followed with the whole crew returning stage to pay homage to the many musical heroes who have passed: Prince, Bowie, John Lennon, Janice Joplin, Bob Marley, George Michael and of course, Freddie himself.

Dance scenes were tightly choreographed by Sixth Former, Gemma Hollas and a strong supporting cast featured confident performances from Adam Thorpe (as Pop), Katelin Poules (a teacher) plus an assortment of Teen Queens, Yuppies and Cops.

Top marks also to our comedy couple (and masters of the art of understatement) Nick Raw and Josh Bean for their hilarious interval parody of the Queen video: “I Want to Break Free”. Wearing skin-tight lycra and slippers, the pair had the audience in stitches as they sidled through the auditorium – with vacuum cleaners (!) – looking slightly bemused. Are we too early, they wondered? It was a priceless moment!

The sparkling spontaneity and exuberance of this multi-talented group of students left us all wanting more! We would like to thank everyone for all their help in supporting this truly terrific show from: production, backstage, technical and catering. Congratulations Team Brooksbank – You Rock!

Parents took to Twitter to signal their enjoyment:

@thebrooksbank brilliant show Made me laugh & cry fantastic acting singing & music. Big congrats to my son #bobthebuilder you’re a star

We Will Rock You @thebrooksbank school is absolutely fantastic - Music from the band, acting, singing, choreography brilliant Well Done!

@thebrooksbank amazing night. Proud of my son and all the cast. Wish I could go again. Did it get filmed for us to buy.!!