School life: Enrichment is a big hit with Year 12s

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This year all Year 12 students have been involved in our enhanced core enrichment programme, whereby they spend Wednesday afternoon developing a range of skills to help support their progress not only in the sixth form, but beyond it, either in work or at university.

Activities include primary school reading support, touch typing courses, Young Enterprise, local community projects, a wide range of work experience opportunities and a variety of sporting activities. The students have especially relished these opportunities to make a difference to the local community around the school.

Mr Downing, head of sixth form enrichment, said: “I have been greatly impressed with the positive attitude that all of the students have shown, and their obvious determination to make the most of these activities.”

One student said: “The touch typing course will really help me complete projects in the sixth form and at university.”

Another student said: “I’ve really enjoyed helping the primary school kids, and they call me Sir, which makes me feel important!”