School life: It’s all change at Crossley Heath

Crossley Heath Head Teacher, Lynnette Cassidy
Crossley Heath Head Teacher, Lynnette Cassidy

The change of Head Teacher at a school is always a significant development in its history for the staff and the students.

At the end of the summer we said our goodbyes to Wendy Moffat. Wendy joined the school in January 2002 from Rastrick High School, as Assistant Head Teacher, with responsibility for student care and support, and a member of the English Department. She became head teacher in 2010.

Wendy had a relentless pursuit of high academic standards and her first-hand compassion and care for the well-being of all, students, staff, parents, governors was always evident.

She fostered excellent working relationships between governors, senior leaders and staff.

The Chair of Governors at the time, Dr Sandra Whitson, said: “Governors and Trust Members thank you for your leadership of Crossley Heath over the last six years. What this school now is, is due to you. You gave this school a vigorous, beating heart and you will be part of that heart forever. You go with all our good wishes for happiness in the future and success in whatever you choose to do.”

Wendy said that she would treasure the very many good wishes that she had received, along with the many kind gifts and cards. She intends to take time to travel extensively with her husband in the first instance.

We were delighted to welcome our new Head Teacher, Mrs Lynnette Cassidy, at the start of the summer term.

She said: “I am delighted to have joined the Crossley Heath School as Head Teacher. Since starting in September it has been a whirlwind of getting to know the fantastic staff and students at the school, and finding my way around the amazing building.”