School life: Students launch Canal Trust’s youth facing social media platforms

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Sixth Form Media Studies students have been working on an exciting project with Fourteen19, one of the UK’s leading youth engagement agencies.

Their brief was to create an attention-grabbing social media takeover to launch the Canal and Rivers Trust’s new youth facing channels.

Under the moniker CRTDigitalEdge, the ten-strong team worked together to develop an arresting visual identity with an engaging graphic style. Establishing a website and social media hotspots was the next step and creating snappy blogs, vlogs and images quickly followed.

The team had fun ‘in the field’, gathering content and also enjoyed working at Fourteen19’s current HQ, in Huddersfield. Students loved Fourteen19’s “boardroom not classroom” approach where everyone met at the same table, in order to plan the social media launch campaign and discuss ways to drive it forward.

At Fourteen19 HQ, the fledgling marketeers began creating content with text, film and images for posting on Digital Edge’s multiple social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. All the development work fed into running a day-long social media live stream. The team connected with hundreds of users and created a substantial following on Twitter and Facebook. Campaign Team member Faye Nichols said, “The takeover day was fab, I really enjoyed being part of a professional marketing venture.”

Fourteen19’s Senior Youth Marketing Executive, Alex Blow, praised students’ confidence, ability and creativity, “Our mission is to actively encourage young people to make collaborative decisions based on their research on the internet and in the field. Students at Brooksbank displayed a high levels of resourcefulness in the relatively unfamiliar field of marketing.”