School life: Students take education beyond the classroom by going to Nepal

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During the Easter break, three Year 10 pupils had the opportunity to travel to Nepal to trek in the Himalayas and do some teaching in Bungamati School near Kathmandu.

“We experienced the culture first hand, finding it to be a completely different world out there. From trekking up the Himalayas to meeting local people with incredible stories, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking time. At the beginning we spent a few days in Kathmandu, getting used to the climate and altitude.

“During this period we visited the three schools in which we’d be teaching later. We also visited a brick factory where we were shocked to find how low poverty levels could go. For the next few days a coach took us down to a place called Chitwan where we stayed in a safari resort which was sheer luxury! During our stay we went on a boat and jeep safari and rode and bathed with elephants which was such an amazing and memorable experience. It was sad to say goodbye to this place but we were excited to carry on our trip and start our five day trek. Overall the trek was very challenging, but looking back on it, it was definitely worth it for the early morning sun rise viewed from Poon Hill. Another part of the trip that stood out the most was the teaching. We had to plan about 3-4 hours’ worth of lessons for three days teaching 7-8 year old Nepalese children. Overall our trip to Nepal has been a brilliant, breath-taking and memorable experience and one we will never forget!”