Secondary school places allocated today

THOUSANDS of anxious parents across Calderdale today learned if their choice of secondary school for their children had been successful.

And, more than 84 per cent of pupils were allocated their first preference.

In total, 2,315 parents submitted an application and 1,949 were given the school of their choice.

And, 191 pupils (8.3 per cent) were allocated a second preference; 133 (5.7 per cent) third preference and 42 (1.8 per cent) were directed to the nearest available school.

Wendy Moffat, recently appointed head teacher at Crossley Heath – one of the two Halifax grammar schools – said Calderdale children were in a better position than those living in other areas.

And those who missed out on a grammar school place could still achieve well.

“The majority of schools in Calderdale are good schools,” she said.

In future, grammar school entrance exams will be brought forward so parents will know whether or not their child has been successful in winning a place at Crossley Heath or North Halifax Grammar Schools before they have to select alternative schools in order of preference.

An appeal process is open for parents not happy with the school place offered.