Students have a ball for big Crossley day

Students sampled Victorian life and leisure last Monday
Students sampled Victorian life and leisure last Monday

Crossley Heath School celebrated its 150th birthday with a number of events to mark the very special anniversary.

The building, a former orphanage, became a school in 1864 and last Monday students were transported through the decades in a celebration day.

The Victorian grandeur of the school was the perfect setting for students to immerse themselves in the past. Students sampled Victorian classrooms, a Victorian washday and workhouse, learnt how to knit and spin, dance the maypole and play a variety of games from the past including hopscotch, wink murder, egg and spoon racing and croquet on the lawn.

Headteacher, Wendy Moffat, said: “It was a wonderful celebration of our history and unique heritage. I am grateful to everyone who contributed and particularly to my students who took part in the activities with their usual enthusiasm and maturity. I am so proud to be the head of such an amazing school.”

The day also included a climb to the top of Wainhouse Tower before parents, friends and families joined students to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine.

Birthday celebrations have also included parents, teachers, past students and governors gathering at Dean Clough to enjoy the Crossley Heath ball. The night kicked off with a glamorous buck’s fizz reception, before guests enjoyed a fun photo booth, a dinner and disco, a diamond necklace draw and a raffle.

Crossley Heath Association vice-chair Melanie Hall, said: “We are truly thrilled with how the evening went. We managed to raise an overwhelming £9,000, so we will be able to provide the new library management system and have a good amount left for another project.”