Students’ slumber party with Jaws

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Youngsters spent the night ‘sleeping with the fishes’ as they shared their sleeping bags with sharks at The Deep.

Pupils from St John’s Primary Academy in Clifton got the chance to spend the night up close and personal with the sea life at the aquarium in Hull.

The sleep over included a guided tour, exclusive access to The Deep, workshops throughout the evening, ’sleeping with the sharks’ and breakfast as well as an opportunity to visit the shop.

The pupils also got the chance to feed and touch the marine life.

They also turned investigators with students having to work out which type of fish had killed bodies at the bottom of the tanks by examining their injuries.

Head teacher Helen Lever said it was a fantastic opportunity for the children.

“The idea was after all the day’s activities the children were supposed to go to sleep but they couldn’t.

“At night the marine life really does comes to life.

“The pupils were literally in their sleeping bags with their feet against the tanks where the sharks were. We were lucky to have the teachers and parents with us. It was just a brilliant experience.”