Talks begin on axing free bus passes to faith schools

PARENTS are to be consulted about plans to reduce the availability of free bus passes for children attending faith schools in Calderdale.

Calderdale Council Cabinet wants to know what people think before making a recommendation to the council about implementing changes from 2014.

“Neighbouring local authorities have tackled this difficult problem by withdrawing school bus passes that they are not required to provide by law and we are going to have to look at this option too,” said Coun Ashley Evans (Lib-Dem, Warley), who has responsibility for education.

The changes could affect 177 students and eventually save the council more than £62,000 a year.

The law says that free home-school transport should be provided to children from low income families attending their nearest denominational school based on religious belief, but Calderdale Council currently provides transport for all children – regardless of family income.

Under the proposals, free transport to denominational schools would be removed for all but the most needy.