Top marks for secondary school in its centenary year – Ofsted

Ofsted pics at Brooksbank School, Elland
Ofsted pics at Brooksbank School, Elland

THE new Brooksbank Academy is a good and rapidly improving school, according to inspectors.

The leadership is outstanding and parents and carers are overwhelmingly supportive.

Alice Smith, 15 and Billie-Lou Lowson, 17

Alice Smith, 15 and Billie-Lou Lowson, 17

There are 1,700 students at the 100-year-old school, which became an academy in October and has specialist status in sport.

Headteacher Kevin McCallion and executive headteacher Jeanne Watson are said by the Ofsted inspectors to provide “inspirational and visionary leadership.

“This has embedded ambition and driven improvements right through the academy and across all tiers of leadership to an outstanding level.

“There is no hint of complacency, with the rigour of development plans illustrating well the academy’s constant strive to improve provision and outcomes further.”

Ofsted pics at Brooksbank School, Elland'Geograhy year 10 class

Ofsted pics at Brooksbank School, Elland'Geograhy year 10 class

Attendance is high and outstanding care, guidance and support have led to students feeling exceptionally safe and secure from any threats of harassment or bullying.

The quality of teaching is good and improving strongly and the academy has an outstanding approach to monitoring and evaluation.

“Students’ achievement is good, and behaviour in lessons matches the quality of learning and progress,” say the inspectors.

“The good curriculum provides students with a comprehensive range of memorable experiences and plentiful opportunities to extend their learning through visits and visitors to the school.”

Mr McCallion said he was delighted with the report.

“It is a justified reward for all staff, students and parents who contribute to making Brooksbank such a great place to work and learn.

“This provides us with a great platform to move forward and is a fitting tribute during our centenary year.”

To improve further, the Ofsted inspectors state that the school needs to disseminate more widely the outstanding practice which exists to maximise opportunities for students to improve their skills and knowledge through increased opportunities for independent learning.