‘Turbulent’ school is now making progress

A SECONDARY school which was given a Notice to Improve in January has had “significant success” in raising attainment.

So much so, that most students at St Catherine’s Catholic High gained five top grade GCSEs this year.

But according to Ofsted, progress by students in English and maths was below expectations.

“And there remains a stubborn core of teaching that is no better than satisfactory and this is not enabling students to accelerate their learning and overcome previous poor progress,” according to inspector Joan Hewitt.

Since January, St Catherine’s has experienced considerable turbulence.

The sixth form has closed and the number of teachers has substantially reduced.

The number of students has declined and plans to convert to an academy have been delayed.

In January, inspectors decided that the school needed significant improvement, particularly in relation to students’ achievement, the quality of teaching and attendance.

Overall attendance has got better and is now in line with the national average.

“St Catherine’s has been largely successful in eradicating inadequate teaching and the majority of lessons are good or better.

“The school has made sound use of its specialist status as a technology college and the support offered by Calderdale Council, the National Challenge Adviser and other partners has been effective,” said Mrs Hewitt, in her latest inspection report.

“Having considered all the evidence, I am of the opinion that the school is making satisfactory progress in addressing the issues for improvement and in raising students’ achievement.”