UPDATE: Pupils sent home - because it’s too warm!

Head teacher Stephen Taylor
Head teacher Stephen Taylor
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A Halifax school was shut today because of the warm weather.

Park Lane Learning Trust head teacher Stephen Taylor took the unprecedented decision on health and safety grounds.

He told the Courier he accepted it was a controversial decision - because it was unusual- but the safety of the children was the priority.

“We have had difficulties around ventilation and humidity and when I did a health and safety check at 8.30 am two-thirds of the school was not fit.

“The last thing I wanted to do was close the school but health and safety and welfare has to come first.

“The temperature topped 30 degrees at 8.30 am, but more importantly the humidity was not good.”

Parents went sent text messages informing them of the decision due to the “unbearable environment caused by warm weather.”

Mr Taylor held assemblies for those children who turned up to explain the situation and said within minutes he had to change his shirt due to the humidity.

He said it wasn’t for him to say if the humidity problem was a building design fault - but if it is it needed sorting and contractors would be in school over the weekend so hopefully, the school could re-open on Monday.

“We would have had children melting in the classroom and we can’t have that,” said Mr Taylor.

Teaching and non-teaching staff remained at school in areas that were bearable which included the library.

The school is not due to shut for the summer term until Tuesday.