Elland woman sells her beloved wheels to start up as a driving instructor

Former newspaper editor Sheena Stavert turns driving instructor, Banks End, Elland
Former newspaper editor Sheena Stavert turns driving instructor, Banks End, Elland

A WOMAN with a passion for cars has given up her favourite set of wheels so she can help others learn to drive.

Sheena Stavert, who lives off Dewsbury Road, Elland, sold her beloved Mercedes Benz SLK 320 to help pay for a career change as a driving instructor.

The 51-year-old said she was looking forward to teaching a new generation of drivers and instilling in them a sense of responsibility and manners on the road – without shouting.

She said: “I pride myself on having a calm, friendly atmosphere in the car.

“There’s no shouting but plenty of good humour and, crucially, lots of patience. It’s a real buzz to see a pupil eventually succeed in reversing around a corner or parallel parking.

“It’s great to see the look on their faces when they realise they can do it.”

Sheena, a Scot who has lived in Yorkshire for 20 years and who was a journalist for 35, set up a franchise with Red Driving School after fears over job security.

“I love driving and everything to do with cars and I enjoy teaching and passing on skills so it seemed an ideal combination.

“My franchise with Red means I have the back-up of a successful national company but I have the freedom to work as many hours as I want, and at the times that suit me.

“A career change at my age does feel like a big move but it’s an exciting one and I’m looking forward to getting as many drivers as I can through their test.”

Sheena worked with Red part-time over the past year, building up a strong customer base through good results and word of mouth before finally going full-time this month.

Now she’s on the road every day and evening, except Mondays, and offers two hours for the price of one or five hours for £75.

In addition, anyone who mentions this article when they contact Sheena can save £2 an hour on a block booking.

Contact Sheena on 07971 611418 or sheena.at.red@gmail.com. She’s also on Facebook www.facebook.com/sheena.at.red and Twitter www.twitter.com/sheena_at_red