Energy project secures over £45k funding

AN energy project has won a slice of £5.1 million funding from the Local Energy Assessment Fund.

Calderdale Community Energy has been awarded £45,350.

The money will be used to set the organisation up as a constituted body and develop a business plan.

In the future it will offer advice across the community and support new projects. In particular, it will work with the Sowerby Bridge community where a potential hydro scheme has been identified to develop a community energy plan and carry out home energy surveys.

As part of the multi-million scheme to redevelop the Copley Valley which includes building new homes and creating jobs, consideration is also being given to setting up a hydro-electric generating plant on the River Calder at Sterne Mill.

CCE is one of 155 organisations to receive funding accounced by the Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey.

Winning bids include projects to check and promote energy efficiency in homes and local communities.