Enquiries ongoing into man who ‘brandished handgun and sword’ at police

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Enquiries are ongoing into a man who appeared to brandish a sword and handgun at police officers from an upstairs window of a house in Halifax.

Armed police were called to an address in Ovenden Way, Halifax at 11.47am on Friday after receiving a report of a man with a sword.

Officers began negotiations with the man and cordoned off the area. Up to 12 police cars have been at the scene along with an ambulance and fire engine.

A police spokesperson said the man, was alone in the property but thought to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

“Enquiries also indicated he may have been suffering from mental health issues.

“A short time later the man disappeared from sight and was believed to have lapsed into unconsciousness.

Police at the scene. Picture: Tom Andryszewski

Police at the scene. Picture: Tom Andryszewski

“Concerned for his welfare, officers forced entry to the building and found the man lying on the floor.

“Distraction devices were then deployed to allow officers to safely detain the man and medical attention was requested.

“No shots were fired.”

He was taken to hospital for further assessment.

Eye witness have spoke abou how they heard screams in the area when police first arrived.

Jordan Stick,31, a plumber from Ripon said: “I was just visiting family friends when I heard a lot of screaming and I came out and saw him and I think he was carrying what looked like a knife.

Niall Mitchell, 18, who lives on street said: “Something like this is so scary. You always hear about it but when it’s in your town it’s so unbelievable. There are so many kids that live down here including my sister and I wouldn’t want her seeing it either