Broad Street Plaza is becoming a pain, say nearby businesses

Akroyd Place
Akroyd Place

Parking has always been awkward in and around Akroyd Place, Halifax.

But since work began on the Broad Street Plaza leisure complex the situation for some has become intolerable.

Marilyn Redman has owned a former mill in Akroyd Place for more than 20 years and has divided it to provide space for several small businesses.

“When it was confirmed a decade ago that the Broad Street car park was to be built on we knew there were going to be problems and we started talking to the council and successive developers.

“They promised to help us but now the Plaza is getting ready to open and our tenants are seriously struggling, they don’t want to know,” said Mrs Redman.

Parking is allowed on one side of the street and but most bays are filled by shop fitters and others working on the Plaza units.

“Parking wardens seem to wait around the corner and are quick to fine anyone stopping on our side of the street - the situation is intolerable and is having a dramatic effect on our tenants,” she said.

Mrs Redman’s son, Steven, has run the Body Station gym at Akroyd Place for years and has done a lot to restore and convert the mill.

“I have lost thousands because customers can’t park - it’s a nightmare,” he said.

He said the council has offered a small patch of ground nearby for parking but the cost was prohibitive.

Sandra Whiteley has run a dance studio at Akroyd Place for the past decade and said it was very difficult and dangerous at time for parents just to drop off their children.

The owner of an adjoining photographic studio said he had been forced to open in the evenings and at weekends so that people could park.

“We get a lot of customers from out of town and many won’t come back because of the parking,” he said.

Councillor John Hardy (Con, Skircoat) said there were genuine problems which had become worse since the Plaza began.

“We are arranging another meeting to see how this situation might be resolved.”