Council clears 1,055 fly-tips

THE council spent £53,600 on clearing up illegal refuse dumps last year - just over £1,000 a week.

Another £72,000 was spent on trying to trace those guilty of illegal fly-tipping.

Calderdale Council says it is getting tough with people who dump their refuse on public and private land.

“We are determined to make our borough a cleaner and healthier place,” said economy and environment spokesman, Coun Barry Collins.

Latest figures show there were 1,055 fly-tipping incidents and 2,168 cases of enforcement action in 20010/11.

But only one person was successfully prosecuted and the council received £485 in fines.

Details obtained by the Countryside Alliance show that Kirklees Council successfully prosecuted four people, Wakefield Council 11 and Bradford Council 23, although in Bradford there were 8,626 instances of fly-tipping.

A fast-track system has been introduced for removing rubbish in Calderdale.

Fly tipping is being rigorously investigated with perpetrators prosecuted, said council environmental health manager Peter Broadbent.

Alice Barnard, of the Countryside Alliance, said: “Fly-tipping blights our countryside – ruining the beautiful views for which Britain is rightly famous, endangering wildlife and habitats and costing the taxpayer millions of pounds to clear up.

“The Coalition Government needs to work closer with cash-strapped local authorities to tackle this blight.”

Anyone with information on fly tippers in Calderdale should ring 0845 245 6000.