Courier readers have their say on doggie ban

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COUNCIL plans to get tough with irresponsible dog owners and ban their pets from playgrounds and sports pitches have been broadly welcomed by Courier readers.

But many are concerned about the resources needed to enforce five new dog- control orders.

Dozens of you responded, emailing us your views on the issue and commenting online at www.halifax

The issue is due to be put before Calderdale Council cabinet on Monday - followed by a public consultation.

But Calderdale is already divided on the issue. Here’s just a few of the comments we have received so far:

l “Having a dog charging about when there are children playing is worrying and quite annoying,” said Voice of Treason.

l “About time. Irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up their dogs filth should have them destroyed if they are caught a second time,” said mike.oxlong.

l “Do people really think that all the issues regarding dog mess etc will vanish just because the council brings in this order? It won’t. There will be no difference and it’s naive of people to think it will,” said S. Smith.

l “I live beside a lovely park and rarely go because a lot of owners let their dogs run free and run up to you and jump all over you, and if you dare look unhappy about it they are disgusted at your attitude towards the lovely pooch,” said So Not Happy.

l “I always clean up after my dogs and they are never off the lead for the simple reason there is nowhere safe to do so as all parks have open entrances and no gates. If people can’t clean up after their dogs they shouldn’t have them,” said Semwest.

l “Why do Calderdale moorlands need out-of- control dogs running free and fouling? Some people have to make a living with sheep and cattle using the hills.

“If you do not have space of your own why do you think other folk need the benefit of your dog?” said Old Farmer.

l “People should be fined for not carrying poop bags,” said Not One to Gossip.

l “I hope they do go ahead with this. I am sick of taking my child to the parks and having to dodge dog mess. The sooner it goes ahead the better – and I own a dog,” said Lisahely.

l “It’s not right that responsible dog owners are being penalised because of irresponsible dog owners who do not control their dogs or pick up their mess,” said Phoenix Arisen.

l “As a manager of a junior football team, it is a horrible task to have to search the pitch before every training session or match and clear up the disgusting dog poo parcels not cleaned up by the owners,” said Almost a Veteran.

l “I have a dog but he is always on a lead and we always pick up. I’d like to know the names of people in Halifax who have had toxocara. I have lived here all my life but not seen one case in the paper,” said Pedro 123.

l “This smacks of exclusion and a vociferous few dictating how parks should be used,” said Nicky Chance Thompson.

l See tomorrow’s Courier for a special Your Say on dogs - and whether they should be banned from public open spaces.