D-Day for £62 million refuse disposal plant

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A DECISION on who will build a £62 million waste processing plant will be taken at a special meeting of Calderdale Council on December 12.

It will occupy a site in Bradford and avoid the need for any more refuse from either area having to be tipped in land fill sites.

Bradford Council, which is Calderdale’s partner in the project, will meet on December 13.

Two consortia are bidding for the contract - Shanks, Scottish and Southern Energy, and Skanska, Aecom and the Waste Recycling Group.

Both have developed detailed schemes which as well as getting rid of refuse will generate enough energy to power 20,000 homes.

Calderdale and Bradford councils have been working on the 25-year procurement project since 2008.

A detailed analysis and evaluation of the bids, against the robust criteria that was agreed by both councils, has been completed.

A announcement on which has been appointed will be made soon after the Bradford meeting.

The new facilities will be built at Bowling Back Lane, Bradford.

A planning application is expected to be submitted next summer for the plant which should be fully operational by 2016.

Calderdale Council’s economy and environment spokesman Barry Collins said: “Ever rising land fill tax costs and the harm inflicted on the environment by sending our waste to land fill meant that we have no choice but to find a long-term solution to the waste management problem.

“This way forward ensures many benefits to both areas while significantly reducing council tax payers’ exposure to land fill tax rises.”

Shanks, Scottish and Southern Energy plan to sort the refuse, burn some to generate electricity to power the site, compost the organic waste and sell the rest to run an incinerator and electricity generator off site.

Skanska, EarthTech and Waste Recycling Group wants to build a sophisticated material reclamation plant, burn waste to generate electricity for the National Grid and sell the ash to the aggregates industry.