Demand for water reaches new levels in Yorkshire

Baitings Dam reservoir, Ripponden
Baitings Dam reservoir, Ripponden

The demand for water in Yorkshire has reached new levels this week.

Yorkshire Water released figures of supplying its five millions customers with 1.42 billion litres of water on Thursday, a record high for the year so far.

Customers have been cooling off and quenching their thirst with around 100 million litres a day - more than 1.3 billion they usually get through.

The additional water being used is enough to fill 40 Olympic swimming pools everyday.

While groundwater, rivers and reservoirs are all relatively healthy for this time of year, the current increase in demand has led to the company increasing output from its 63 water treatment works.

Matt Thompson of Yorkshire Water said: “Water supplies are relatively healthy for this time of year, following last year’s summer which was the wettest we’ve seen for 100 years.

“We know that there’s a spike in demand whenever temperatures rise and we’re certainly seeing that at the moment, with our water treatment works being cranked up a notch to produce in excess of 120 million litres of water more than usual on a daily basis. We also plan for local spikes too - so this weekend, we’re expecting water consumption on the coast to rocket as people flock to places like Scarborough and Bridlington.

“With all the warm weather we’re seeing, we’re taking the opportunity to remind customers to be water-wise and only use what they need.

“To make it easier for customers to save water - and money - we’re offering free water saving packs from our website,, as well as visiting cities and towns across the region over the next couple of months where we’ll be giving away all manner of useful water saving gadgets, from gel crystals to mix in with your compost through to plant sticks which indicate when to water your plants, and flush savers.”

Yorkshire Water will be giving away water saving gadgets at the Halifax Agricultural show on August 10.