Dog walker finds 200 used needles by disused railway track

Stephen Greenwood
Stephen Greenwood

A dog walker was stunned to stumble across around 200 used needles in an area where youngsters play.

Stephen Greenwood, 51, of Deacon Court, Pellon, regularly walks with his rottweiller along a disused railway track near his home.

Recently, he entered the track near Pellon New Road and came across the stash of needles. He called the council’s environmental health department but was told due to the number of needles the matter needed to be passed onto the waste management service.

Mr Greenwood said he then got a call a couple of days later saying due to uncertainty over land ownership waste management wouldn’t be removing the potentially dangerous needles.

He said it was worrying that for several days after being alerted the authorities had not removed a danger to children.

“It’s disgusting. I told them kids’ play down there,” he said.

A council spokesperson said: “Public health is our priority and we will take whatever action is necessary to protect people’s safety, regardless of whether the land is public or private. The initial report did not specify the exact location. Despite several subsequent attempts to contact Mr Greenwood, and a site visit, it was not possible to locate the needles at first. In a second site visit, the needles were located and they have been removed.”