Dustbins ‘won’t be emptied weekly’

THERE seems little chance of weekly bin collections being reintroduced in Calderdale.

According to council leader Janet Battye there is little public pressure for the change which she believes would be a “backward step.”

She said: “In any case, we already have weekly collections of some items – it is just refuse that goes to the tip that is gathered fortnightly.

“The council and residents have worked really hard to increase the amount of recycling and going back to the old system would undermine that,” said Coun Battye (Lib-Dem, Calder).

The government has said it will provide £250million to help English councils keep or restore weekly bin collections. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said it was a basic right for homes to have rubbish taken away weekly and the money would make a significant difference.

But it will only go to councils that guarantee weekly collections for five years and demonstrate improvements in recycling.

Councils cannot be forced to change.

Labour’s Caroline Flint said the money was effectively a bribe to councils to “save Eric Pickles’s face”.

Calderdale’s switch to fortnightly collections two years ago coincided with the introduction of wheelie bins for 90,000 homes and a new kerbside recycling service.

Householders in Calderdale produce 90,000 tonnes of waste every year, of which about 41 per cent is recycled.

Calderdale Council spends more than £3.7 million a year on waste disposal.