Halifax cyclist rescued from river

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A Halifax man was rescued from a river after he plunged over a wall during an early morning bike ride.

The man, who police have not yet named, was riding in the High Peak area of Derbyshire when he hit a wall and fell 20ft over rocks into the River Etherow on the Derbyshire/Greater Manchester border.

He was rescued from the river by man from Warrington who was camping in the area at the time.

Now the proud rescuer’s dad has spoken about the dramatic events which took place around 9.15am on Sunday.

Graham O’Gorman has revealed how his son Stephen jumped into the river and held the 56-year-old’s cyclist’s head clear of the water until the emergency services arrived.

The man had been travelling down a steep hill above the River Etherow when he hit a stone wall and flew into the river below.

“He was lying under the water, Stephen lifted his head clear and stayed with him until paramedics arrived,” said Graham, 49.

“It was frightening, the man’s breathing was very shallow, at times we thought he was going to die.”

Graham was camping with Stephen near the river when they heard a woman shouting.

“She was shouting that a cyclist was in the water,” said Graham.

“Stephen raced across and lifted him up and held his head. I followed. The cyclist was in agony, but we kept talking to him to keep him conscious. He was in a very, very bad way.

“We really did think he was going to die.”

Firefighters, plus the service’s boat rescue team were called, alongside North West Ambulance Service paramedics and a heart trauma team.

The man was placed on a spine board. It is believed he suffered broken ribs, collar bone and spinal injuries. He was placed in the boat and taken to the waiting ambulance.

He is now being treated at Manchester Royal Infirmary where his condition is described as ‘critical but stable’.

Police have not named him, but it is believed he comes from a village near Halifax.