Halifax outbuilding can be turned into home, say Calderdale planners

An application to convert an outbuilding into a new home has been approved, despite the possibility of legal challenges to the development.

Calderdale Council’s Planning Committee heard from a neighbour that he was seeking legal advice over Mr P. Chatburn’s proposals to convert the outbuilding at The Royds, Birdcage Lane, Halifax, into a dwelling.

Councillors heard three letters of representation had been received expressing concerns the development would have a negative effect on the property, a lack of privacy, overshadowing, traffic issues and that it would “overdevelop” the site.

Issues were raised, including in writing by Coun Mike Barnes (Lab, Skircoat) and at the meeting by Coun Colin Hutchinson (Lab, Skircoat) about the garden, which would be affected, being shared with others, parking and access, including to some storage space.

Calderdale councillor Colin Hutchinson highlighted concerns over car parking space

Coun Hutchinson doubted there would be room for four car parking spaces and Coun Robert Thornber (Con, Ryburn) was concerned excess cars might end up parking on Birdcage Lane itself.

A neighbour objecting to the plans echoed these concerns and said some changes, for example parking on shared garden space, was already happening – his infirm mother when she sat outside was effectively having to do so in a car park, he said.

“People often park on the driveway which on occasion has stopped emergency vehicles getting to residences,” he claimed.

The objector said he was seeking legal advice about some of these issues and would act on it depending what the advice was.

Planning officers told councillors that, whatever the effect legal issues might have, these matters which would have to be resolved privately and could not be considered when deciding the application.

In planning terms they believed issues could be resolved with conditions and the application should be approved, they said.

Answering questions about the various parking issues raised, highways officer Andrew Dmoch said he did not think these gave grounds for objection.

The applicant’s agent, Roger Lee, said in terms of the garden space, everything was in the ownership of his client.

The applicant was willing to come to an accommodation with others about the access to storage space issue, he said.

Councillors agreed to permit the application.