Here is how Manor Heath Park is helping to highlight new South Pennine Park

Areas within the new South Pennines Park are singing from the same hymn sheet – as stencilled lyrics have started to appear to visitor hot spots.

Friday, 24th September 2021, 7:00 am
A new temporary installation at Manor Heath Park in Halifax is now in situ to mark the launch of the South Pennines Park.

So far, the blue ‘graffiti’ featuring the final verse of the song ‘Chimneys, Moors and Me’ by folk duo O’Hooley and Tidow has appeared in Manor Heath Park, outside the Kala Sangam Arts Centre in Bradford, Sunnyhurst Woods in Darwen, Bacup town centre in Rossendale and Towneley Park in Burnley – all areas within the new South Pennines Park.

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The Park is an alternative National Park — covering 460 square miles of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. It is home to more than 660,000 people.

It was officially launched on September 8 with an event at the Kala Sangam for stakeholders on 10 September. This was the first location for the lyrics – sprayed in a temporary eco-friendly water-based paint.

The song by O’Hooley and Tidow, the creators of the gentleman Jack theme tune, is a self-confessed ‘love song’ to the park. It talks about the pride people feel about the Pennines and the unique landscape juxtaposition of the industrial mills against the rolling hills.

The South Pennines Park was officially launched this month with an official launch event for stakeholders.

Speaking about the song, Belinda O’Hooley said: “We have found the work incredibly inspiring. The song is all about the absolute love we have for where we live and the pride that’s in the communities in the South Pennines. It’s written with love and it’s not just about a place, it’s about the people.

“The area has big mills and imposing structures nestled in the most beautiful moorland, and miles of canals. It’s a history lesson on our doorstep. It’s the juxtaposition that makes it unique.

Belinda and Heidi, who have been hand-picked as Park ambassadors, say they hope the song makes people think of their happy place – the place they call home.

Belinda added: “We have put a lot of personal experiences into the song and we hope it brings people home. We hope it brings those feelings of love, and heart, and the pulse of where you’re from.

“We have a duty, as ambassadors of South Pennines Park, to visit more places on the map.”