Jack Wills is planning to open a store in Halifax

Axminster shed at Dean Clough, Halifax.
Axminster shed at Dean Clough, Halifax.

A former boiler room at the Dean Clough Business Park, Halifax, could be turned into a trendy clothes store creating as many as 60 jobs.

Jack Wills, which describes itself as the Original University Outfitters, plans to convert and restore the four-storey Axminster building.

Trading will be on the two middle floors with support accommodation and a stock room at ground floor level.

The building is part of the former Crossley carpet factory which closed in 1982.

Planning permission has been given in the past for it to be turned into a ground floor restaurant, with flats and office space but because of the restoration and conversion costs it has remained empty.

“The building is now dialpidated, with temporary roof repairs preventing further decay,” according to planning consultant Mark Hide.

“The condition of this building not only threatens its survival in the long term but has a negative impact on this central and key part of the Dean Clough site.”

Although it is called the Axminster building, it was built as a boiler house and drying house as part of New Shed in 1853.

It was later converted to a warehouse and offices, latterly housing a laboratory for sample analysis.

The shed was used for Axminster carpet production and was built over the original mill dam.

Jack Wills aims to sell “quality goods designed to reflect British heritage and style.”

According to the planniong application, the proposed store will open seven days a week.