New Wheels Park under way for Todmorden

Todmorden is set to benefit from an exciting new Wheels Park in Centre Vale Park, thanks to funding from Todmorden Town Council and Todmorden Town Deal Board’s Accelerator Fund.

By Abigail Kellett
Monday, 17th May 2021, 11:30 am
Students from Todmorden High School. Picture: Craig Shaw.
Students from Todmorden High School. Picture: Craig Shaw.

The new Wheels Park is great news for skateboard, scooter and BMX enthusiasts and has been designed for young and old, from beginners to those more experienced.

The design process has been fine tuned with the help of wheels park users coordinated by Todmorden Town Council and young people form Todmorden High School.

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Head teacher Gill Shirt. Picture: Craig Shaw.

Work has now started on site which will see the replacement of the existing surface and metal structures with a brand new all concrete surface design sunken into the ground. The new Wheels Park is due to be opened for the August Bank Holiday weekend this year.

Coun Denis Skelton, Leader, Todmorden Town Council, and Todmorden Town Deal Board member said: “We have for many years championed the building of a new Wheels Park and it’s fantastic that we are at last able to keep this long outstanding promise to provide the young people of Todmorden with a new Wheels Park facility, thanks to funding secured including a contribution by the Town Council and joint working with the Town Deal Board and Town Council.”

Pupils from Todmorden High School, who contributed ideas for the design of the park, visited the site and are thrilled to see the facility taking shape.

Gill Shirt, Headteacher, Todmorden High School said: “The wheels park will provide a much needed high quality facility for older children and young adults in Todmorden. It’s fantastic to see our young people getting involved in shaping how the town can meet their needs and having the spotlight on their input and enthusiasm in such a positive way.”

Oscar Chatwin, Year 11, said: "It’s really good that the young people’s point of view in Todmorden is being listened to. We want to spend more time in the park and now we will have something of our own to do and a space to meet friends."

Margot Taylor, Year 8 said: "I used to come here a lot, but we started to go elsewhere because the old skate park was basically falling apart. It’s really good that there’s going to be a new better skate park to go on."

Megan Fox, Year 11 said: “Coming after the time we’ve been through when we have had to stay indoors, this is when everyone will be coming outside. Now we’ll have a lot more to do rather than just hanging out on the streets.

"We shouldn’t have to go to other towns. We should be proud of where we live and choose our town over anyone else’s town because it has things we want to do. We’re going to want to keep it looking good and be proud of it.”

River Friend, Year 10 said: "It’s good that the new Wheels Park is coming. I remember the old one had two ramps and after you had done that once or twice it was the same thing over and over. This is more challenging."

Eve Whitham, Year 10 said: "It’s good that it’s appropriate for our age group 15 and 16. This used to be neglected and with graffiti. People didn’t care for it, but now they will realise that they have to look after what they have been given.

"It would be good to get young people helping to organise events here too rather than just leaving it all to the adults. We can be helpful!"

The new Wheels Park is underway following extensive negotiations with the Environment Agency, and the submission of a redesigned and re-engineered scheme to meet their exacting requirements for the build in what is a designated Flood Alleviation Area.