Owner appeals over ‘new look’ Halifax restaurant

Sahara Restaurant
Sahara Restaurant

A BUSINESSMAN has appealed against the council’s ruling that the stone cladding on his restaurant is inappropriate and that it spoils the appearance of the building.

Farid Eatessami redesigned the former Heaths bar at the corner of Bull Green and Cow Green, Halifax, in early 2010.

His retrospective planning application was rejected by Calderdale Council in August 2010.

“The cladding is inappropriate in terms of material, texture, coursing, colour, quality and fixings (white screw caps), is detrimental to the visual amenity of the locality and nor does it preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the building or the Conservation Area.

“It obscures the original architectural features including quoins and window surrounds,” according to the council.

Mr Eastessami’s appeal will be dealt with by way of written representations which must be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate by the end of April.