Rent rise is on the cards for Shay users

HALIFAX Town and Halifax Rugby League Club could be forced to pay more for using the Shay stadium.

Calderdale Council was told that talks were underway about a possible rent rise.

The revelation follows criticism of the Lib-Lab decision to take £37,000 out of the pot for funding the Victoria Theatre, in Halifax. The move has already lead to warnings that the theatre might have to rely on more popular shows and comedy acts to help makes ends meet.

Colin Stout told councillors that visitors to the theatre were already being penalised by a £1 per ticket surcharge which was introduced last year. He said it would be unfair to put further pressure on the theatre budget.

“There has been no rent rise for users of the Shay yet millions have been spent on the stadium and the costs keep rising,” said Coun Stout (Ind, Brighouse).

The council’s economy and environment spokesman Coun Barry Colins (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden) said: “Talks are underway about the Shay rental and I don’t want to prejudice those by commenting further.”