Second phase of M62 scheme now open

M62 at Chain Bar
M62 at Chain Bar

The second section of managed motorway on the M62 is now fully operational following an extended period of testing.

It covers a 4.3-mile stretch between J26 at Chain Bar and J27 at Gildersome.

During busy periods, operators in the regional control centre in Wakefield will set overhead message signs to tell drivers they can use the hard shoulder as an extra lane and at what speed to drive to improve traffic flow.

Lane closure information will be displayed as required.

Road users need to follow the signs, and it is important they only use the hard shoulder as a traffic lane when told to by overhead signs and a speed limit being displayed over the hard shoulder.

When the hard shoulder is not open to traffic, it is illegal to use, unless in an emergency.

Between J26 and J28 if the electronic signs are not illuminated then normal motorway conditions apply.

Where there are still roadworks underway, between J25 to J26 and J28 to J30, the 50mph speed limit remains in place.

The third section, between J25 and J26 will feature permanent four-lane running (with no hard shoulder) in both directions and will not require the same level of testing; it is expected that this section will go live in August.

Work on the remaining sections, between J28 to J30, is due to be completed in full later this year.