Steaming ahead with ‘wrong’ station site..

Steven Leigh for business - business magazine
Steven Leigh for business - business magazine

PLANNERS are putting future rail expansion at risk by building a new station at the wrong side of a busy main road, according to Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.

Metro, in partnership with Network Rail, Northern Rail and Bradford Council, intends to build the station beside Cleckheaton Road at Low Moor in 2014.

It will be operate on the Caldervale line between Halifax and Bradford.

The chamber of commerce has welcomed the move but says that the best site would be to the east, not to the west, of Cleckheaton Road.

“We are told this is necessary because the site of the old station has now become a conservation area but this should be should be challenged.

“There is much more available space to the east side of the road, and more importantly, the east side fully satisfies all logistical requirements whereas the present proposal does not.

“It would also facilitate a ready-made station and platform for the Spen Valley line, were that route ever to be reopened,” according to the chamber’s head of policy, Steven Leigh.

President David Horsman said: “We urge the council and Metro to fundamentally reconsider the present proposal for the location of this station, to overturn the conservation order, and instead site the station to the east where all logic and common-sense dictates it ought to be.”

“The highly controversial and suspect conservation argument is completely unacceptable, and cannot be allowed to prevent the proper development of a facility which the businesses and residents of south Bradford, parts of Calderdale and north Kirklees deserve.”

The chamber would also like to see longer platforms and a bigger car park with well over 116 spaces.

According to Metro, the new station would be served by two trains per hour in each direction.

“Metro and Bradford Council have long held a desire to open this station at Low Moor and we have now made it possible through the recent sale of Metro-owned rolling stock and funding from the Local Transport Plan,” said Metro chairman James Lewis.

“We would also like to see modern, electric trains on the Caldervale line and this new station, which will help people reach work and leisure opportunities in both Bradford and Halifax, has been designed with that possibility in mind.”