Support grows for action on road offal

Michael Walls
Michael Walls

COUNCILLORS are pushing for action to stop animal waste being spilled on roads.

Residents in Queensbury have long campaigned about offal spillages from lorries travelling through the streets.

Now, Bradford Council has given its support to a call asking for the regulation of rendering and transportation of animal by-products.

Ward Coun Michael Walls won support from all parties at this week’s full council meeting saying that for too long people have had to put up with foul smells and spillages.

He said afterwards: “It is incomprehensible in this day and age this material is not carried in appropriate sealed vehicles.

“It has always been my view that whilst we recognise this material has to be dealt with, it should be transported in an appropriate manner to stop the smell and spillages impacting on those who live on the routes used.”

The council will be writing to MPs, officers will seek meetings with plant operators, and a report prepared for the council’s environment committee.

Bev Barker, of the Swalesmoor Action Group, said she hoped MPs would now push for Parliamentary support.

“We think it is a national issue and European legislation is too weak as companies choose not to use the best possible methods of transport,” she said.

The group was formed following incidents involving lorries travelling to and from animal waste products company Omega Proteins at Swalesmoor.

In July last year a spill in Queensbury, involved animal intestines being splattered on which a motorcycist skidded and was thrown from his bike.