Taking down Mr X’s chimney costs the taxpayers £230,000

Sky high: the chimney while being demolished
Sky high: the chimney while being demolished

DEMOLISHING a dangerous mill chimney in Sowerby Bridge has cost council tax payers about £230,000.

That’s more than £1 for every man, woman and child in Calderdale .

The council might get some money back if it can trace the mysterious owner of the 130ft structure, which was attached to Corporation Mill.

The search has being going on for nearly two years for the owner, who is known as Adrian Hulme but believed to use several aliases.

The chimney was branded a danger to life in December 2009 and cordoned off.

Scaffolding was put up in January 2010 so it could be made safe and a detailed inspection carried out.

It was classed as a listed building so it took time to get the go-ahead from English Heritage to carry out anything more than emergency repairs.

It was pulled down towards the end of 2010, leaving just a small base.

The Courier has learned that the total spent was £190,000 plus VAT.