The 60 sites where dogs could be banned

DOGS will continue to roam freely over Savile Park - one of Calderdale’s biggest sports grounds - if councillors introduce Dog Control Orders as planned.

But pets will be banned from most other fenced, walled and partially fenced children’s play areas, council allotments. bowling greens, tennis courts and skate parks, and they will have to be on a lead in public car parks, in cemeteries, on school grounds and roadside pavements.

The council has reduced its original plans for about 140 dog exclusion zones to fewer than 60 in response to public consultation.

The only unfenced sports pitches where dogs will be prohibited are at Beechwood Recreation Ground, at Holmfield, Halifax.

Calderdale Council Cabinet will review the list it meets on Monday.

It has been advised to introduce a raft of Dog Control Orders from the beginning of August.

Councillors will also determine where owners could be asked to put their animals on a lead if they are causing a nuisance.

Environment spokesman Coun Barry Collins said the consultation process showed widespread support for a wide range of measures, enabling the council make considerable progress.

“There are still major concerns about individual sites and the need to balance the need for enforcement and the possible introduction of unfair restrictions.

“But there is huge support even from dog owners for the basic position the council is taking.”

Councillor Collins (Lab, Illingwoerth and Mixenden) said the aim was reduce the problem of dog fouling and the comments of everyone who had responsed to the consultation had been taken into account.

He said that once introduced, the Dog Control Orders could be varied if they proved unworkable.

“We cannot pretend to enforce the rules on every square yard of land and we can’t expect to solve the entire problem of dog fouling in one go.

“But local opinions on this difficult subject have been clarrified and we have come up with some sensible solutions.”