Trees are spared by planners

A SYCAMORE planted in the 1850s and an oak tree of more recent origin have been saved from the axe by planning inspectors.

JCA Ltd and Alec Fielder Landscapes had hoped to fell a mature tree beside an historic barn off Chapel Lane, Brearley, Luddenden Foot.

They claimed the roots were spreading under the building and could cause structural damage.

The barn was built in 1851 and the tree was believed to be just as old, if not older.

Calderdale Council refused planning permission for the tree to be felled because it was part of a group which had enjoyed special protection since 1947.

Planning inspector Roger Pritchard has now dismissed an appeal saying the evidence was insufficient to justify felling a fine tree in full maturity.

The tree stands about five metres from the barn and is covered in ivy but shows no signs of disease or decay.

Another planning inspector, Richard Perrins, held a hearing into plans by Wendy Wright to fell a protected oak tree at Lob Quarry, Todmorden, after councillors refused to sanction it’s removal.

Dismissing an appeal, he said: “I saw that the tree was of good vigour and free from any decay or disease.

“It is a youthful mature specimen and there is nothing before me to suggest that it does not have a long life expectancy,” he said.