Yorkshire Water prepares to see a 30 million litres more water used every day over the next month

One of the UK’s biggest water companies, Yorkshire Water, is reminding its customers to use water wisely as it prepares to see a 30 million litres per day increase in water usage – which is the equivalent to 375,000 baths tubs full.

By Abigail Kellett
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 9:10 am
Updated Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 9:13 am

Emma Rattigan, water efficiency manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “21st June marks the official start of summer – it's also when we see a huge jump in the amount of water people use. We usually see a four-to-six-week period before the school holidays where water usage is significantly higher than usual.

“Collecting, cleaning and distributing water can take a lot of energy – and whilst the water industry is on a journey to net zero, it isn’t there just yet. Not only does saving water help the environment through energy saving, it also means there is more to go around.

Climate change means that we’re likely to have a lot less rainfall during summer months – paired with population growth, that means that we’ll have more people using water, but less water actually in supply.”

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Yorkshire Water prepares to see a 30 million litres more water used

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Emma continued: “Although it hasn’t always been hot, the last few months have been particularly dry – we’ve only seen around two thirds of the rain we would usually expect. That, paired with the increase in warm weather and water usage we’re expecting, means it is really important that customers save water where they can.”

Yorkshire Water share their tips on how to save water:

• Reducing your shower time to 4 minutes

Yorkshire Water prepares to see a 30 million litres more water used

• Watering your garden with a watering can rather than hose

• Filling your watering can in the shower whilst the water is warming up

• Using your washing up water to water your garden plants

•Turning the tap off when you brush your teeth