Eric Harrison: Tributes from David Beckham, Gary Neville and Sir Alex Ferguson to an inspirational man and mentor

Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham paid their respects to Halifax-born coach Eric Harrison
Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham paid their respects to Halifax-born coach Eric Harrison

Former Manchester United players David Beckham, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs paid tributes to their Halifax-born coach Eric Harrison.

Mr Harrison, who hailed from nearby Mytholmroyd, mentored Manchester United’s celebrated “class of ’92” and was responsible for forging Beckham’s fledgling career, as well as those of Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Gary and Phil Neville – many of whom are also expected at Halifax Minster.

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Mr Harrison died earlier this month at 91, having been diagnosed with dementia four years ago.

Thousands attended the funeral of the former Halifax Town player yesterday.

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Posting on Instagram David Beckham said: "Today we say goodbye to a great man.

"As I look back on what and who made me as a person and as a player, my dad, the Boss and Eric.

"I was stood one day in the cliff training ground in the reception just about to go to Annie Kay’s house (my digs) and Neil Webb walks past me and out the door, then Eric walks down the stairs from his office and right up to me and says “You will replace him in the first team one day“ I smiled with excitement but I also thought that’s not gonna happen any time soon and then it did.

"The cliff training ground brings back so many memories as does Littleton road of Eric, 2 laps warm up, 5 ball routine, 12 minute run and the damn heading game which as you can imagine I did not like, but it was all about preparing us for the first team and preparing to play for Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United.

"David stop playing those